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November Technical Session

November 07, 2018
2:00 PM to 5:00 PM
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The Country Club of Sioux Falls
3400 W 22nd St
Sioux Falls, SD 57105

Our speaker this month, Dan Int-Hout, will be offering an afternoon tech sessions on the Basics of Air Distribution.  Remember your attendance fee will go to ASHRAE reasearch on behalf of the Chapter.

Technical Session 1:

The Basics of Air Distribution (currently 2 hours, may be 3 with an additional speech). The basic physics of air distribution must be fully understood before one can properly select components for a project. Air Distribution is not being taught at many Engineering schools, and young engineers are often unwilling to admit how little they actually know. Senior engineers need to be brought up to speed on the latest understandings of air diffusion component selections. This lecture will cover:

• Understanding Terminology
• ADPI (Air Diffusion Performance Index)
• Proper Diffuser Selection
• Common Product Groups
     o Well Mixed (Inductive) Air Distribution
     o Non Inductive Air Distribution

Technical Session 2:

Everything you wanted to know about acoustics.  Acoustics can be a point (or two) in LEED V4. It is be a prerequisite for LEED for schools. While often misunderstood, the subject of acoustics is covered in an AHRI Standard 885, including a spreadsheet for standardized calculations, we will cover the current standards as well as the recent change to Discharge Sound reporting for VAV terminals, which will require that Engineer’s specifications be updated to reflect the new data.  


$50.00 PDH Certificate for Attending

$25.00 Non PDH Attendance

$25.00 Guest Attendance