Chapter Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee shall consist of five (5) members in good standing. One member of the Board of Governors may serve on the Nominating Committee, but not as its chair. The Committee shall be elected by the Chapter at the January meeting.

At the preceding meeting, the Board of Governors shall submit to the members their nominations for the committee. Additional nominations may be made by members from the floor at said meeting.

Nominees receiving the five highest number of votes shall be elected. In the case of a tie, there shall be a runoff election which shall be held at the same meeting. The Nominating Committee shall elect its own chair.

Chapter Technology Transfer Committee

The Chapter Technology Transfer Committee shall develop liaison on programs, make arrangements for speakers for programs and technical sessions at chapter meetings, including speaker’s requirements for equipment, accommodations and travel arrangements and act as host throughout the meetings. The committee shall coordinate the efforts of the chapter by making arrangements with area educational institutions for continuing education courses, and develop an active “Speakers Bureau” to present talks and seminars to chapters and regions. The committee shall submit PAOE points related to chapter programs. The committee shall provide timely reports to the regional vice chair. The Chair of this Committee is expected to attend the CRC Meeting (for spring CRCs, the incoming chair).

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee identifies the communication, collaboration and training needs for membership groups, recommends and maintains policies, and ensures that the implementation of information technologies meets the objectives and needs of the Society. Prior to July 1, 2019 the committee was known as the Electronic Communications Committee (ECC).

CRC Action Committee

The CRC Action Committee shall determine major items of concern to the Chapter; obtain biographies on possible candidates for Society and regional offices, committees, and various regional and Society honors and awards; provide direction to the delegate and alternate delegate on actions to be presented on the Chapter's behalf at the CRC. The Chair of this Committee should be a past president of the Chapter.

Grassroots Government Advocacy Committee

The Grassroots Government Advocacy Committee shall provide current and relevant information to ASHRAE members regarding Government Advocacy in their communities in areas of interest to ASHRAE members. Subsequently, members so engaged should then help keep their chapters, regions and Society Government Advocacy staff informed on governmental activities of interest to ASHRAE. The committee shall coordinate dissemination of grassroots-level governmental activities-related information to members and obtain feedback from chapter and individual member Government Advocacy. Maintain high-quality and readily available tools to train and enable chapter members to effect positive interactions with government entities in their communities, especially in the use of ASHRAE documents and the advancement of the ASHRAE public policy agenda. Serve as a clearinghouse of grassroots government adoptions of ASHRAE-developed and endorsed standards, guidelines and positions. Encourage an active, informed membership by keeping local, provincial and state governments updated on technical issues. The Chair of this committee is expected to attend the CRC Meeting.

Historical Committee

The Historical Committee shall collect and safeguard facts, photographs, records and other memorabilia pertinent to the history of the Chapter. The Chair of this Committee is expected to attend the CRC Meeting (for spring CRCs, the incoming chair).

Membership Promotion

The Membership Promotion Committee shall encourage applications by persons qualified for membership in the Society; shall encourage increased member participation in Chapter affairs; and shall encourage members to advance in their membership grade in the Society. The Chair of this Committee is expected to attend the CRC Meeting (for spring CRCs, the incoming chair).

Research Promotion

The Research Promotion Committee shall conduct an annual campaign to obtain investments in ASHRAE Research, The ASHRAE Foundation and Education through the ASHRAE Learning Institute. The Chair of this Committee is expected to attend the RP Centralized Training Workshop and Special Regional Committee Meeting when called by the Regional Vice Chair for Research Promotion.

Student Activites

The Student Activities Committee shall assist and cooperate with other technical and scientific organizations to influence pre-college (K-12) education in math and science; shall assist in the formation and/or continuing operation of student branches of the chapter; and shall assist with chapter participation in continuing education courses and related activities. The Chair of this Committee is expected to attend the CRC Meeting (for spring CRCs, the incoming chair).

Young Engineers in ASHRAE (YEA) Committee

The Young Engineers in ASHRAE (YEA) Committee enhances member benefits for young professional ASHRAE members, 35 years old and younger, by identifying activities and services focused on their needs.